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Ottawa House Hunt is an event that was founded by Colleen Lyle, a real estate broker, and Sue Hameed, a mortgage broker.  In their line of work, they realized a lot of people could afford to pay a mortgage on a house, however they struggled to come up with the down payment to purchase a house. The two ladies also felt a strong desire to give back to the community.  Therefor, with these two factors in mind, Colleen and Sue partnered up to host this unique event called Ottawa House Hunt. At this event, a team of two people will run a very good chance to have their dream come true simply by following clues on a scavenger hunt that takes place all through the Kanata Entertainment Centrum.

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Simultaneously, Sue and Colleen will also be helping one of their favourite charities, the Sens Foundation.  All proceeds from registration for this scavenger hunt will send approximately 50 underprivileged children to summer camp through the Sens Campership program.

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The Ottawa House Hunt venue sponsor is 3 Brewers.  Participants will arrive at 1 pm on May 13th at 3 Brewers to register their names and get their House Hunt package.  The actual scavenger hunt will take place from 2-3 pm, where all participants will take their list of clues, and rummage through the whole of Kanata Entertainment Centrum, by foot, to solve all the riddles.  There will be opportunity to achieve extra points on this hunt with bonus requests that you must record with your cellphone on Facebook.

All participants MUST return back to 3 Brewers by 3 pm.  IF any participants are late, they will be docked points.  Once all participants have returned to 3 Brewers, the points will be tallied.  During this time, the participants will be able to eat the amazing food that will be put out by 3 Brewers.  They will also be giving you 1 free beer each (or any non-alcoholic beverage you would like), just to help you quench the thirst you will have acquired after this run!

It will take a while for the tallying to be done, so during this period, we will also have Majic 100 playing their awesome tunes while you wind down, relax with that beer and enjoy some food.  If you want to bust a move on the dance floor- feel free. This is all about having fun! Other sponsors such as the Glenview Homes, The Tile Centre and Allstate will have pamphlets on site for you to consider as suppliers for your needs when you buy that new house. Once points are tallied the winner will be announced live on Majic 100!

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